When you feel the awesome remember its the synchronizing positive effects of your heart, soul, mind & body. Sync yourself wholeheartedly.
Isn't it amazing nature has no differentiation towards the rich and poor has given access to both completely be it the Sun, Stars, Moon, Rain, Wind etc.
Thank you universe. Gratitude.
Dream on everyone it's your birth right.
I am not handsome, but I can lend my hand to some.
Stretching before & after a workout is nothing but letting your body know what it needs to be prepared for. Stretch it.
let your crazy heart beat pump craziness into everyone's heart.
Nature's time to dance in the rains, why withheld yourself from the god's gifted free ultimate luxury. Go shower with nature.
Live it for everyone !!!
Have you witnessed the par excellence ability of your soul, heart & mind yet to unite into your amazing blessed world ?
Lets go experience life.
Breathe in positivity, Breathe out Negativity!!!
Always remember at your infinite moment all that matters is that you are with your most loved ones.
moments like its your last one !!!
Caste, Creed, Colour should co - exist with harmony. We are one and the same - FELLOW HUMANS.
To lead an amazing life all we need is a Heart, Soul n Mind
full of POSITIVITY !
-Dheiraj Kapoor
D.O.B: 25th October

Height: 5'11

Chest: 41.5

Shoulder: 19

Waist: 32

Weight: 75kgs

Shoe: 8/42

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black Brown

Complexion: Asian fair

Location: Based in Mumbai, India.

Languages Known: English, Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada Etc.

Travel: Willing to explore opportunity Globally.

Passport: Yes

ME, I have been accused of being a lot of things in life. I guess they are all correct - starting from playing every sport in school to captaining the state basketball team and not to forget those rigorous training sessions to share space with my friends in the professional school cricket team!!!

I love life, and to tell you the truth I am on a perpetual high. Well, not on alcohol but on the sheer jest for life - the positive vibes and the challenges. I let my passion take over and it's this passion for newer things that took me to dramatics in school and later a stronger urge made me join theatre acting classes under Mahesh Dattani and a NSD 1 month summer course!

The stalwarts in the industry are my inspiration. I am driven by a zeal for excellence and an aptitude for hard work… "I believe in happiness and not in the pursuit of happiness."

I live for my dreams…

My dream is to bring an everlasting smile.

My aspiration is to wear the hats of multi-faceted role models who live around us.

My desire is to live life through the eyes of many souls, through the hearts of many individuals, through the minds of many characters.

My vision is to be an actor and go through the experience of living many lives!

My yearning from an young age is to be in the wonder world of cinema...that will entertain, enlighten and give a meaning to life.

I would like to translate my dreams into reality with you. My pictures are a dedication to my childhood passion of being an actor. They are portfolio shots captured through the lens depicting versatile looks!

I am all that I am accused of being. But then I love myself this way. My humility is what I strive and stride on.

Now I present to you my first professional portfolio. I enjoyed clicking every moment in front of the lens!

My pictures are a tribute to my loving mother, late Viney Kapoor (1943-2008).
"Mama I live every day of my life loving you and missing you…I want your blessings to be part of this new journey of my life"


Dheiraj Kapoor

Man, Woman and Child...a beautiful story was penned down way back in the 'garden city’ by Viney & Vinod K Kapoor…..Dheiraj Kapoor.

Baby boy was born

Born in Bangalore, India, on October 25, Dheiraj Kapoor was brought up in the city where people are culturally oriented.

Growing up days

Growing up in this environment exposed him to art, architecture and theatre. This combined with an ardent interest in cinema, Dheiraj identified the various genre of human mind, thought and style. He studied in schools like Sophia, Sindhi, St. Fatima  & St. Stracey Memorial High School where he came across students from multiple cultural milieu. This nurtured and consolidated his growing up years to look at life on a much broader canvas encouraging  him to unfathom the unknown to establish his vision.

Step into professional life

In his early 20s Dheiraj decided to deviate from the established family retail business and gird up the loins to prove himself. The urge was to get on to and earn a name for himself.

At the tender age of 21 it was his latent entrepreneurial streak that challenged him to start LIMELIGHT with his dear friend Mahesh Kishen. Though a true fresher in the business of Advertising and Production it did not hold back the duo to learn and master the business skills. In the next 3 years the Company under their leadership went to all lengths and in no time gained a name to reckon with in the Advertising fraternity.

Mumbai Calling

That was not enough.. The Herculean task was deftly taken up by plunging to explore further!!! 2004… LIMELIGHT being shifted to the city of dreams to make a mark amongst the giants in the business. Since then there's no looking back…with a great sense of pride, today the company is one of the desired names in the industry. From then till now, the duo has diversified their business portfolio into couple of more verticals, which are independent profit centres.

Life on the fast track

Fit as a fiddle he is, DK always enjoys being on the move… from driving on city roads to participating in rallies, he finds it exhilarating to be behind the wheels. His passion for bikes goes way back into his early teens. He aspires to own a Harley Davidson someday. Being an avid traveller he loves adventurous trips, mingling with the varied cultures and people. One of his favourites is to fly to different continents. And life really doesn’t stop there…DK wishes to soar high someday in his own jet!

Humane aspect

His ‘never give up' attitude and personality inspires him to take up the gauntlet. His dynamic personality is unique. On one hand he is the hardcore business honcho who cracks deals with ease and confidence and on the other hand he is the Good Samaritan.
He spends a fortune to customize his car ‘Black Beauty' (as he calls it lovingly!) décor to the jazzed up music system and the works. On the other hand he never thinks twice or questions a handicapped individual on the road to finance him for his treatments. The humane and compassionate angle of DK (as commonly known amongst friends) is a gift from the Almighty. His benevolent nature drives him to visit orphanage on every festive occasion and his parents’ birthdays. The child in him still manifests itself through the playful and the mischief smile when he interacts with children.  

Talent manifested

An admirable Crichton, his love and passion are acting, dance & dialogue deliveries. Every stride he takes swings with life and entertainment; every performance of his is a visual appeal. Certain talent comes naturally to him, but DK feels life is all about learning. He takes lessons to horn his in-born skills further.

His zeal and dynamism makes him a true human… A fidus Achates and the Adonis, the words that aptly describe him are love, passion and compassion…

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